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OK, it's pretty much the end of my holiday, and this will probably be my last blog entry.

I'll try and make it a short one.

Thursday - (28th September)

Didn't do much today. The weather was cr*p, so taking photos was out of the question.

Instead, I did some boring stuff (laundry, e-mails, etc), and spent several hours hanging out in a couple of local cafe's.

Friday - (29th September)

Woo hoo. It's sunny !

Decide it's too good an opportunity to waste, so head of into the city to try and amuse myself for the day.

I pick up some food, and a coffee, and wander down the banks of the Avon, to the Botanical Gardens.

There are lots of people messing about in boats, including a few punters. All very civilised.

I find a nice spot to camp out and have a picnic.

In the afternoon, I just wander back through the gardens to Cathedral Square, and watch a few guys duking it out on the giant chess board. I'm too chicken to play myself, though.

Spend most of the evening playing a card game called 'Uno' with a few of the guys from the hostel.

Saturday - (30th September)

Up at the seriously hideous time of 3am, to go to the airport.

My plane leaves at 6am, and should arrive at 7:30am (we cross 2 time zones on the way, so it's a 3 and a half hour flight).

Get chatting to a rather nice girl called Milou on the plane. Actually we just kind of smile at each other on the plane, but get a conversation going while we're waiting at customs...

Anyhow, we seem to get along, so we decide to try and get her a room in the same hostel as me.

When we get to the place I booked a room, we discover that I've booked my room for the 1st of November. Doh !

After a quick ring round, we find a room somewhere else.

Spend the rest of the day hanging out with Milou around the Rocks area of Sydney, which was nice.

Milou seems pretty cool, although slightly obsessed with brown jewelery.

She also doesn't seem to mind hanging out with someone 15 years older than she is. Bonus.

Sunday - (01st October)

The weather is even better today than yesterday, so we decide to go to the beach. Manly beach.

What we don't realise is that every other person within 22 miles of Sydney is also going to Manly today.

When we get to Manly (via a very crowded ferry), it turns out that there is a jazz festival on, plus it's a big holiday weekend.

We manage to find 5 square metres for ourselves on the beach, and just chill for a while.

Milou is waiting for a call from her cousin, who lives in Sydney. We don't know it yet, but she actually lives in Manly, about 5 minutes from the beach.

When she get's the call, Larissa (the aforementioned cousin) says she'll some to meet us.

Larissa seems pretty nice, when she turns up. She only stays for a short time, but arranges to take us out for a few beers later.

After a very chilled out afternoon, involving sunbathing, eating, drinking, and, of course, shopping for jewelery, we go round to Larissa's place.

A few beers later, we head off to town to try and find some where that's both cool, but will also let me in. A tricky proposition, even when I do have some decent clothes.

Currently I own one pair of jeans (badly ripped), and one pair of 'slacks'. I'd be lucky to get into McDonalds.

It takes 3 attempts, but I finally get into some place called 'Yu'.

Several gins, and some superb dance moves later, we all bugger off for a well earned kebab, and a kip !

Monday - (02nd October)

The lovely Milou and myself head off to Darling Harbour this morning. Apparently there's some kind of Latin music festival on.

The weather is really great again (sunny, hot) so we just hang out and enjoy it.

We manage to find the only Dutch eatery in Sydney to have lunch in. They're looking for new employees, and Milou is looking for a daytime job ... this may be a marriage made in heaven.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend Dutch food to my friends. Not unless they like fried mayonnaise, anyway.

The Latin festival isn't really exciting. A few minutes of latino music is quite enough to satisfy us.

Milou needs to be back at the hostel for 4ish, to try and persuade them to give her a job.

For 3 hours work, 4 nights a week, you can get a free room. That sounds like a good deal to me.

In the morning, I'm off (on my own - very sadly) on a day trip to the Blue Mountains. I'm getting picked up at 7:30am, so it's a boringly early night for me.

Just a few episodes of the Simpsons, a fiddle with my laptop, and it's up the wooden hill to beddy land...

Well, that's all folks.

I'll be back home on the 5th October.

My housemates think I'll be back on the 6th, so that'll be a lovely surprise for them...

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Hi, Richard well its been great keeping up with your travels, we've enjoyed them nearly as much as you,and nicky and I will miss logging into the world wide web to see your photos, hope you've met some people you want to keep in touch with,and had a wonderful experience luv Mum xxx.

by Oppana

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