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Busy doing nothing ...

rain 15 °C

Done pretty much naff all today.

Can't even report having good food, 'coz I made myself sarnies for lunch and tea!

Might go to the local bar with a couple of the randoms floating around in the hostel common room tonight...

At least I managed to get my power issues sorted out, and now have a working camera - what a productive day !

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Just like Manchester ...

rain 14 °C

Well, at least the weather is like Manchester - it's chucked it down for 2 days solid.

Still, it's dry in the bars (in one sense of the word) !

Met up with Phil yesterday, had a few beers in Kings Cross (that's the are next to where I'm staying), and went for a great Chinese.

Sydney has a cool China town - way bigger than Manchester has, and it's pretty lively, even on a wet Tuesday night ...

Ate roast suckling pig (Chinese style) - now that's decadence for ya !

Today (Wed) we were supposed to go on a Whale Watching trip, but it was too windy for the boats to go out. Instead, we ended up going to the aquarium.

It's actually a really great aquarium, with loads of big tanks set up like parts of the Barrier Reef.

Plus there are big sharks - swimming just an inch over your head in one place ... cooool.

After that, went for a meal at one of Sydneys most well know fish restaurant (so well known, that I've forgotten what it's called !). Had some really nice John Dory.

Was completely outclassed on the eating front, both yesterday and today, by Phil. Makes me feel thin...

Still no piccys - I haven't gotten round to getting a plug adapter yet, so my batteries are flat. I'm gonna sort that out tommorrow.

Laters dudes.

P.S. got a mobile today as well - number on the contact page.

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Touchdown ...

rain 14 °C

OK, so after upwards of 25 hours of travelling, I'm finally in my hostel (the Blue Parrot).

Finally feel clean, after a much needed shower, and am off out to face the rain. Yep, it's p*ssing it down here !

Also, as the digital camera I ordered last week was only delivered to work today, I haven't got a simple way to take quick snaps - you'll have to use your imaginations for the moment.

Flight were all fine, the quick summary might go -

2 hours of airport lounge boredom,
7 hours with good legroom sat next to pleasantly dull guy,
2 more hours of lounging,
followed by a final 13 hours of zero legroom

Had to be wheeled off the plane ...

Still, at least no DVT, no shoe bombers, and no Lost style island landings :)

I'll jot some more notes tomorrow, when I've actually DONE something !

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